Oh, You Online Jokesters.

While looking up the location of a running store, I came across the following driving directions.
Notice anything fun? Call me crazy, but if you know anything about Geography (or how Googlel Maps functions) you'll notice that these jokesters added a few "extras" into their directions, that just had me cracking up at my PC this morning.
But the best part of this whole situation is that I was trying to explain to a non-techy how funny april fool's day is for the techies of the world. He looked at me kindof funny, but at least I tried.
Speaking of jokes, if you missed out on the April Fool's jokes this year, check out the Top Joke Recap via Mashable.
  • UNIXkcd — computer & comic nerds around the world rejoice. (you can still use the interface here)
  • IPhone to iPad Converter — sheer genius. But it's actually not a joke…
  • Google Analytics — decides that, afterall, hits are the best metric for determining your site's influence. "We’ve uncovered that hits (or How Interneters Track Success) is the only metric that actually matters in web analytics. Forget that business about absolute unique visitors, goal completion rate, or even bounce rate. If you want to achieve success, you need to focus on hits." [Bloggers note: I almost fell out of my chair when I read this.]
  • Sharpiner – Remember when you could send stuff back and get it repaired for free? What about sharpening your sharpie? c'mon..
For a full list of Google's April Fool's day jokes, visit this Wikipedia page for the yearly breakdown.
Oh the Internet makes me laugh.  

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