Master of the Web. Still Cool?

Oh Yea. Webmaster.

Oh Yea. Webmaster.

I was working on a blog for business the other day, and a co-worker asked, “Alana, who is the webmaster?”

He couldn’t see (or hear me) but I immediately started to crack up. Webmaster is one term that I haven’t heard in a long time- and a term that I have never used to refer to myself (although maybe I should?)

It’s funny to think of how certain terminologies used to be mainstream and how, given technology’s evolution, they become a lot less… cool.

Take “Webmaster.” Hey you, master of the web.. maybe 10 years ago a lot of people didn’t know how to use the web, but today a few of us might. Is anyone really a “webmaster” anymore? It sounds like something straight out of d&d.

Clickfire’s SEO blog agrees with me on this topic when he writes:

With the advent of 3G and smartphones, the webmaster is no longer the mysterious guy behind a desktop or in an air-conditioned datacenter pulling switches. He’s at the coffee shop.

Blog software is another factor. The fact that anyone can get a WordPress or Blogger weblog up and running in minutes with a really nice looking pre-made theme makes coding and maintenance less of an issue. Most bloggers probably don’t think of themselves as “webmasters.”

Personally, I don’t consider myself a webmaster. The only thing that holds me back is Google’s Webmaster tools. If google refers to them in that way, maybe it’s still cool/ok/semi-normal?

STILL– the term reminds me of the old school web 1.0 websites with the page counter at the bottom, a little animated gif with a spinning envelope that reads “e-mail the webmaster.”