Your Photos: Not just for framing anymore.

Photo Wall Options

We all have the same issue: digital photographs.

If you shoot (& store) at a high res, you already have (probably) a storage issue. But there are better places for your digital pics than your hard drive alone.

Transferring your JPGs to a USB stick and printing them at your logal drugstore is something I would personally advise against. Check out other options- first of all is online printing. It’s (#1) cheaper (#2) better quality (#3) you have a lot of options.

As I’ve mentioned before, mpix is a personal favorite of mine. They’re incredibly fast, cheap, and even hand color corrected on great quality paper. (you can also go the snapfish route)

However, I’ve run into a low-cost alternative that doesn’t require the need for a frame. The Rasterbator is a (free!) online photo collage generator that allows you to upload a photo or use a picture online and turn it into wall art that you can assemble yourself (no artistic talent necessary).

The interactive sizing “planner” is amazing- you can expand the size of your photo and it will immediately tell you the number of sheets that will be used in order to create your newest piece of wall decor.

Since most of us don’t own a professional grade printer with bleed capabilities, the additional whitespace/margins on the page can create an issue. Don’t worry, they have that covered and make it easy to cut them away- or you can keep the whitespace for that artsy look.

Other options include color (black and white, multicolor) as well as dot size up to 100 mm.

In the end, it’s all saved as a multi-page PDF. love it.